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Seafood Brochure

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Real Estate Brochure

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Blu Homes Brochure

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Tinke Brochure

Interactive reading experience

The original PDF brochures are limited by static pages that fail to express the true essence of your business to customers. Flip PDF Professional makes it fast and easy to convert PDF brochures into extraordinary page flipping publications with interactive rich media, and give you the power to engage customers on web, social, and mobile devices. It is no doubt that an eye-catching digital brochure will inspire your customers more easily and bring more cooperation opportunities for your business.

Branding - promote your business

The all-in-one brochure software allows users customized brochure with brand feature. You are able to add a logo image to the toolbar of the publicizing brochure, it is clickable and can be a link to the home page of your enterprise website. The page editor function enable you add advertising, branding image sliders and Flash to any place on the flipping page brochure.

Mobile friendly - HTML5 support

The feature-packed brochures can be scheduled to automatically publish in Flash for PC and Mac, and HTML5 for mobile and tablet. Engage customers who love to carry iPad, iPhone or Android tablets and who are comfortable with swipping, touching and tapping. No matter someone is on a plane, train or the coffee shop, he could be looking at your content using a mobile phone or tablet.

Share your content on social platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+ and more, Flip PDF offers great method to distribute your brochures on social websites. Feature your publications in the social channels, and allow your readers to browse, like, and share directly from your Facebook page or Twitter page. Connect your publication with the readers using Facebook, Twitter and other social media options, advertise your brand on social platforms and develop potential clients all the time.

Green publishing: eco-friendly & cut cost

Online digital brochures involve no ink or paper and are therefore extremely eco-friendly alternative to expensive printed brochures. Just create unlimited animated E brochures using Flip PDF, you needn't distribute paper brochures to your customers any more. So, go green, reduce print publishing and save paper!

There are million of reasons to choose this digital brochure maker

Amazing reading experience

Converts static PDF brochures to dynamic
life-like page flipping digital publications.

Mobile friendly

Excellent reading experience on on iPad, iPhone, tablets, and smart phones.

Abundant customized settings

Choose brochure template, sense, add brand logo to toolbar and so on.

Online cloud publishing

Publish digital brochure to cloud publishing platform directly without FTP.

Add animated photo gallery

Inert image gallery with sliding effect, add
multi pictures at the same time.

Multi-language support

Support 12 language: English, French, Germany, Spanish and more.

Embed rich media

Add YouTube video, Vimeo video, Audio and other rich media into brochure.

Distribute anywhere

Publish to web, PC, burn it onto CD/DVD
or USB flash drives, distribute it on public.

Social share

Share brochures at the most popular social channels and reach more readers.

Are you still looking for brochure maker for PDF brochures. Flip PDF is the best brochure publishing solution for small business and web marketers. It is fast, simple, affordable and easy to use. Just download the software and have a free trial now, you will find something more than expected.